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Cover Mob War!

Mob War! ist ein Kampagnenband für die zweite Edition von Shadowrun, der den Unterweltkrieg in Seattle thematisiert, der in Folge des Tods James "The Hammers" O'Malleys 2058 ausbrach.

Ähnlich wie "Konzernkrieg" (oder in der vierten Edition "Emergence") enthält der Band keine komplett ausformulierten Abenteuer, sondern nur Hintergrundmaterial sowie Abenteuergerüste, -ideen und Plothooks.

Er wurde 1997 von FASA veröffentlicht, und ist nur in englischer Sprache erschienen.


  • Art.-Nr: 7326
  • Titel: Mob War!
  • Verlag: FASA
  • Sprache: englisch
  • ART: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 64 Seiten
  • Erschienen: 1997
  • Preis: 12 $
  • ISBN: 1-55560-328-9

Autoren, Illustratoren & Mitarbeiter:[Bearbeiten]

  • Autor: Stephen Kenson
  • Product Developement: Michael Mulvihill
  • Editing: Diane Piron-Gelman, Michael Mulvihill
  • Shadowrun Line Developer: Michael Mulvihill
  • Editorial Staff:
    • Senior Editor: Donna Ippolito
    • Managing Editor: Sharon Turner Mulvihill
    • Associate Editors: Diane Piron-Gelman, Rob Cruz
  • Production Staff:
    • Art Director: Jim Nelson
    • Assistant Art Director: Joel Biske
    • Cover Art: Tom Baxa
    • Cover Design: Jim Nelson
    • Illustrations: Peter Bergting, Steve Bryant, Scott James, Mike Jackson, Jeff Laubenstein, Darrell Midgette, Jim Nelson
    • Layout: Mark Ernst
    • Production Assistant: John Bridgeroom
    • Title Page: B&W Photography John Bridgeroom
    • Photo Art: Fred Fields


Can the death of one man forever change the balance of power in the shadowy underworld of Seattle? Can one man's death spark a blaze of violence guranteed to burn everyone from the lowliest chipdealers to the CEOs of megacorps? When the dead man is Don James O'Malley, head of the Seattle Mafia, the answer is yes. There is infighting in "the Family", and every other syndicate is determined to take advantage of the chaos to grab themselves a bigger share of the nuyen. As the Triads battle the Yakuza for control of Seattle's docks, the Mafia defends its upscale gambling dens against Yakuza attacks -- and the Seoulpa Rings take over anything that's not nailed down. The Seattle underworld has erupted in violence and no one is safe from the...
Mob War! is a unique Shadowrun adventure set that fleshes out the Mob war raging in Seattle.
This book provides all the information gamemasters need to involve their player characters in the conflict on the level that best suits their groups and style of play. Mob War! includes 24 adventure frameworks and ideas, plus a host of other adventure hooks that suggest ways to explore the activities of the crime syndicates.

Among other options, player characters may:
  • Belong to any one of the syndicates
  • Offer their services a shadowrunners to the highest bidder
  • Serve Lone Star as detectives assigned to solve the mystery of the Don's death
  • Work for a security service hired to contain the violence
Mob War! is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels.

For use with Shadowrun and the Shadowrun Companion. The Underworld Sourcebook is recommended but not required to use this book.


FAMILY BUSINESS: A Prologue[Bearbeiten]

  • Family Bussiness: A Prologue S.6


  • Introducion S.7-8
    • Plot Summary
    • How to Use this Book
      • Adventure Frameworks

RUNNING MOB WAR![Bearbeiten]

  • Running Mob War! S.9-17
    • Hooking the Characters
      • Simple Run, Minimal Complications
      • Contacts
      • Bodyguarding
      • Made Men
      • This is Personal
      • Alternate Campaigns
    • The Law
    • Timeline of Events
    • Story Structures
      • One-Track Mind
      • Jumping the Tracks
      • Free-form Plot Line
      • Novel Plot Line
    • Running Outside Seattle
    • Ending the War


  • Track One: The Mafia p.18-33
    • An Offer, You Can't Refuse
      • Lady in Distress
      • Wiseguys
    • What's Going Down
      • Mafia History
      • The New Year's Hit
      • The King is Dead
    • The Players
    • Adventure Frameworks
      • Tracking the Assassin
      • Shotgun Wedding
      • Blood Money
    • Adventure Ideas
      • The Furneral
      • Bodyguards
      • Business as Usual
      • By the Blood
      • The Witness


  • Track Two: The Yakuza p.34-45
    • An Offer, You Can't Refuse
      • A Matter of Honour
      • Business as Usual
      • Yakuza Flower
    • What's Going Down
    • The Players
    • Adventure Framework
      • Dirty Laundry
      • A Matter of Honour
      • Neon Flower
    • Adventure Ideas
      • First Lady
      • Just Desserts
      • Carriers
      • Midnight Delivery


  • Track Three: The Triads p.46-52
    • An Offer, You Can't Refuse
      • Chinatown Shuffle
      • Deep Cover
      • The Old Black Magic
    • What's Going Down
      • Triad History
      • Triads on the Move
      • The Year of the Tiger
      • Triad Magic
    • The Players
    • Adventure Framework
      • Soul Jar
    • Adventure Ideas
      • The Dragon's Claws
      • First Date
      • Ringers
      • Triad Gamble


  • Track Four: Seoulpa Rings p.53-58
    • An Offer, You Can't Refuse
      • Favor for a Friend
      • Ringside Seats
      • Inside Informations
      • Running with the Big Dogs
    • What's Going Down
      • The Schism
      • Rings around the Yakuza
    • The Players
    • Adventure Framework
      • The Great Yak Caper
    • Adventure ideas
      • Border Crossing
      • Inner Darkness
      • Warpath


  • The Dragon Crime Lords p.59-64 von "Dragonslayer"
    • Ryumyo: The first Dragon
    • Lung: The red Dragon Master
    • Pawns in the Game
    • Game Information
      • Using the Dragon Crime Lords

Anmerkung: Dieses letzte, in-Game mit Shadowtalk geschriebene Kapitel ist im Inhaltsverzeichnis nicht gelistet.

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