The Rotten Apple: Manhattan

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The Rotten Apple: Manhattan ist stellt das Setting für die «Shadowrun Missions»-Kampagne für die vierte Edition von Shadowrun dar. Das Location-Quellenbuch erweitert das Manhattan-Kapitel aus Corporate Enclaves, und ist am 22. März 2009 ausschließlich als eBook im Pdf-Format bei Catalyst Games Lab und nur in englischer Sprache erschienen.


  • Nummer: CAT26602
  • Verlag: Catalyst Games Lab
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Art: eBook Exclusive (Pdf)
  • Erschienen: 22.03.09
  • Preis: $3.95

Autoren, Illustratoren & Mitarbeiter:[Bearbeiten]


Dominated by the Manhattan Development Consortium (MDC), the City represents the largest contiguous corporate enclave in the Sixth World. This volume grants a look into the neighborhoods of Manhattan, the constant scrutiny of its security, and the activities of the thirteen corporations that oversee its development.

This setting is a crucial part of the New York City Shadowrun Missions campaign. This 32-page volume serves as a guide to players so that they can prepare their characters to deal with the finer details of the setting. Gamemasters are also well suited to use this book, as it grants them a deeper insight into the neighborhoods of Manhattan than can be provided in scenarios.



  • Times Past
  • Life in the City


  • Getting In and Around


  • Inwood
  • Washington Heights
  • Newtown
  • Riverside/East Riverside
    • Freedom Tunnel
    • Randall's and Ward's Islands
  • Westside and Upper Eastside
    • The Prometheus Spire
    • MDC Building
    • FDR Drive
    • The Sea of Fools
  • Central Park
    • Belvedere Castle
    • Obelisk
  • Midtown
    • Theater District
    • Museum of Modern Art
    • Grand Central
    • Penn Station
    • Some Assembly Required
    • Zoé
  • Lower Westside and eastside
    • Eleemosynary Children’s Clinic
    • Roosevelt Island
    • Pizza Now
  • Times Square
    • Neon City
  • Downtown
    • The Empire State Building
    • Bowling Green
    • Waldorf-Astoria
  • Stuyvesant
  • Terminal
    • Choke Points
    • The Apple Press
    • Firesale
  • Southside
    • The Marquee
    • Corson Place Hotel
  • The Village
    • Washington Square Park / NYCU Campus
    • The Cypress Tree
  • The Pit
    • Orchard Street
    • C-Squat
  • Soho
    • Saints and SINners
  • The Towers
  • City Center
  • Chinatown
    • Lucky Star 99
  • Battery City
    • The Green Building
    • Castle Clinton
  • The Underground
    • Night Markets


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