The Complete Frame Job

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The Complete Frame Job ist ein Sammelband, der alle sechs "The Frame Job"-Novellen in gedruckter Form enthält.

Catalyst Games Lab hat den Band am 20. September 2019 als Print-on-Demand-Ausgabe bei Amazon.


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And a Whole Lot of Trouble...

It should have been a simple walk in the corp. Stroll into a mid-level corporation disguised as a nameless mid-level manager in a suit, deliver an unknown data package to an isolated network, and stroll out again.

But nothing is ever simple in the shadows.

Now five shadowrunners are on the run themselves. Framed by their employer, the mysterious Mr. Johnson, and marked for termination by every hired cop, corp security man, and shadowrunner in Seattle, the team must find out who set them up, why they did it, and figure out how to deliver their payback—without getting killed in the process.

The Complete Frame Job is the collected six-novella story set in the gritty, dark future, magic-and-machine world of Shadowrun.

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