Convention Mission Pack 2018

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Convention Mission Pack 2018 (kurz: CMP 2018) sind eine Reihe von insgesamt acht einzelnen "Missions", die von der "Season Eight"- wie auch von der "Season Nine"-Missions-Kampagne unabhängig sind und weder in Chicago noch in Neo-Tokio spielen, sondern die Runner nach Las Vegas (CMP 2018-01 bis 04) und in die Gewässer der Karibischen Liga (CMP 2018-05 bis 08) führen.

Sie sind speziell für den Einsatz auf Conventions wie z. B. dem Origins Game Fair 2018 und GenCon 2018 gedacht, wo sie interessierten Shadowrun-Spieler neben den regulären Missions der "Season Seven" angeboten werden. Im Gegensatz zu den regulären "Shadowrun: Missions - Season Eight" sind sie allerdings nicht als eBook käuflich zu erwerben.


CMP 2018-01 - Viva Las Vegas: Dead Man's Hand[Bearbeiten]

The team is called out to Las Vegas to help a gambler out with a goon issue. When the Johnson doesn't show up for the meet, they only have so long before their paycheck becomes a mirage.

CMP 2018-02 - Viva Las Vegas: You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You[Bearbeiten]

The heart wants what it wants, but there are those who don't approve of this union. The team is hired to extract a mafia princess from the family, but is it love or leverage Mr. J is looking for?

CMP 2018-03 - Viva Las Vegas: Sin City Sabotage[Bearbeiten]

A new resort is opening up on the strip, and the VIP weekend is coming up. Mr Johnson wants you to make this a particularly memorable event for all the investors.

CMP 2018-04 - Viva Las Vegas: Ain't That a Kick in the Head?[Bearbeiten]

In Las Vegas, a single night out can make or break anyone. Mr Johnson decides to let it ride on the runners, in a bid to knock over a casino. The security may be state of the art, but a single pull of the lever can change a life.

CMP 2018-05 - Cerulean Shadows: Letter of Marque[Bearbeiten]

Cargo ships are turning up missing on their way to Metropole, and the owners aren't too happy about it. The team is hired to crew a decoy vessel in order to capture the elusive Pirate before they can strike again.

CMP 2018-06 - Cerulean Shadows: Honor Amongst Thieves[Bearbeiten]

Business is business, right? The team gets an interesting offer from someone they just had arrested. A little nuyen goes a long way toward forgiveness.

CMP 2018-07 - Cerulean Shadows: No Prey, No Pay[Bearbeiten]

An offer comes in from an independent Johnson looking to turn the screws on some of the shipping corporations operating in the Caribbean, and hopefully fund out why boatloads of people have gone missing. Taking down a cargo ship, the team finds more than they signed on for.

CMP 2018-08 - Cerulean Shadows: X Marks the Spot[Bearbeiten]

Nothing stays hidden forever. Even the best kept secrets eventually come to light. A mysterious private island with a corporate facility, and hundreds of brainwashed prisoners stand between the runners and a real payday.