Convention Mission Pack 2015

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Convention Mission Pack 2015 (kurz: CMP 2015) sind eine Reihe von insgesamt acht einzelnen "Missions", die von der "Season Five"- und "Season Six"-Missions-Kampagne unabhängig sind und - mehrheitlich - nicht in Chicago spielen. Sie gliedern sich in zwei Gruppen, "Tennesee Suite", angesiedelt in Tennessee, an der Grenze zwischen UCAS und CAS, und "Deadly Competition" im Umfeld der Olympischen Spiele von 2076 in Seattle.

Sie sind speziell für den Einsatz auf Conventions wie z. B. dem Origins Game Fair 2015 und GenCon 2015 gedacht, wo sie interessierten Shadowrun-Spieler neben den regulären Missions der "Season Five" und "Season Six" angeboten werden. Im Gegensatz zu den regulären "Shadowrun: Missions - Season Five" bzw. "- Season Six" sind sie allerdings nicht als eBook käuflich zu erwerben.


Tennessee Suite[Bearbeiten]

CMP 2015-01 - Copperhead Road[Bearbeiten]

When their coyote crashes his plane while smuggling the runners into Knoxville, they are forced to walk out. While making their way out of the wilderness, the runners encounter drug runners who don't appreciate outsiders. Time to head south of the border - the UCAS Border that is. On your way to Knoxville, TN for a job, you find that simply getting into the CAS proves more difficult than expected.

CMP 2015-02 - Rolling On The River[Bearbeiten]

A new Mr. Johnson offers a job taking the runners from Knoxville to Chattanooga by water, down the Tennessee River. After dealing with navigation hazards and river pirates, the runners must locate their missing contact in Chattanooga in order to drop off Mr. Johnson's package. It's a simple job, just like always. Deliver this package down-river to Chattanooga. Of course, the river's not as safe as it once was...

CMP 2015-03 - Cinco De Mayo In Memphis[Bearbeiten]

Mr. Johnson man on a key politician's staff goes missing after sending a vague warning, and the runners investigate. They discover a mole in the Senator's campaign and must attempt to rescue him before he commits an act which will give his – and Mr. Johnson's – opponents leverage. It's so hard to find good help these days, and too often when you buy a politician he doesn't have the good graces to stay bought anymore. So you're being sent in to investigate.

CMP 2015-04 - Leavin' Tennessee[Bearbeiten]

Wanda Tompkins introduces you to Mr. Johnson, actually a musician who wants to extract himself and his simsense actress girlfriend from the current corporation. But the only window in which this can happen is at a fancy premier party for one of the studio's new trids. The runners must crash the party, extract the couple and meet up with the coyote taking them all to Chicago. A blues musician is interested in breaking his contract and heading up to Chicago to follow his muse. After all, what city has the blues worse than the Windy City these days? But he comes with some baggage that threatens to make the runners' jobs far more difficult than it should be.

Deadly Competition[Bearbeiten]

CMP 2015-05 - Carrying the Torch[Bearbeiten]

Neo-Anarchists are targeting the Olympic Torch in an effort to put it out before it can light the flame on the Seattle Olympics. Can your team stop them before it is too late? Three Olympic torchbearers were killed since leaving Greece two months ago. Only two days until the 2076 Olympic Opening Ceremonies and someone wants to disrupt them by extinguishing the Olympic Flame.

CMP 2015-06 - Opening Ceremonies[Bearbeiten]

Mr. Johnson is offering you some great seats to the 2076 Olympic Opening Ceremony. The catch? You need to smuggle a small explosive device into the stadium.

CMP 2015-07 - Citius Altius Fortius[Bearbeiten]

The runners are hired to protect Juanita Hernandez from assassination attempts while she competes in the Neo-Pentathlon. Death threats have been made to the Aztlan Pentatholon athlete. To keep her alive and find out who's behind it, you need to keep up with an Olympic athlete with a blatant disregard for her own safety.

CMP 2015-08 - Closing Ceremonies[Bearbeiten]

The Olympics may be winding down, but in the chaos there's always work to be done in the shadows...