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Das Convention Mission Pack 2010 (kurz: CMP 2010) sind eine Reihe von insgesamt acht einzelnen "Missions" speziell für den Einsatz auf Conventions wie z. B. dem GenCon 2010 (Realtime) gedacht sind. Sie sind von der "Manhattan"-Missions-Kampagne unabhängig und mehrheitlich nicht in New York angesiedelt.

Die Missions wurden für interessierte Shadowrun-Spieler von Catalyst Games Lab z. T. auch auf dem GenCon 2011 noch einmal angeboten. Im Gegensatz zu den regulären "Shadowrun: Missions - New York" waren sie allerdings nicht als eBook im Pdf-Format käuflich zu erwerben.

2012/13 wurden sie in überarbeiteter Form in den Shadowrun: Missions-Compilations "Sprawl Wilds" und "Firing Line" als käuflich zu erwerbende Print- und eBook-Ausgabe noch einmal veröffentlicht, wobei sie auch Spielwerte für die fünfte Edition erhalten haben.


CMP Missions events are Convention Exclusive adventures. These are “Stand Alone” adventures played within the Missions framework, so they don’t necessarily take place in the same city as the Seasonal campaign, and they don’t tie into the larger plot lines.


Missions CMP 2010-01 Manhunt[Bearbeiten]

Fifteen years ago Seattle was plagued by a number of vicious animal attacks. Now these attacks seem to be on the rise again. [2]

Missions CMP 2010-02 Copycat Killer?[Bearbeiten]

Shortly after Knight Errant took over from Lone Star, certain killings stopped. Now the killings have started again. Is it a copycat or the real deal? [1]

Missions CMP 2010-03 Ashes[Bearbeiten]

Seattle's Ork Underground stands at the very threshold of mainstream endorsement. But with Governor Brackhaven's election, can this safe haven for metahumanity hope to weather the coming political storm? [2]

Missions CMP 2010-04 Humanitarian Aid[Bearbeiten]

Horizon's community clinic was robbed, days before their scheduled outreach program. When 3,000 people are at risk of dying, even the good guys will call you to go and hurt some bad guys. [2]

Missions CMP 2010-05 Lost Islands Found[Bearbeiten]

When news of ruins appearing on an island comes up, several groups want to have exclusive rights. Now you need to remove some of the competition. [3]

Missions CMP 2010-06 Deconstructing Patriots[Bearbeiten]

The New Revolution came a hair's breadth from success. In the fallout, many of their supporters went to ground. It's time to bring a few of them into the light. [3]

Missions CMP 2010-07 Congressional Conspiracies[Bearbeiten]

Unification. That one word could destroy the CAS or start another war. With conflicts simmering throughout the world, there can be profit in war and even more profit in rearmament before hand. [3]

Missions CMP 2010-08 Stormcrow Undone[Bearbeiten]

If you provide the pictures, I'll provide the war. When pictures come out that the war is being supported for the wrong reasons, the media needs to find a new way to spin. [3]


^[1] - Auch als Zugabe zusammen mit der regulären Season Four-Mission "On a Silver Platter" erhältlich.
^[2] - Auch in der Shadowrun: Missions-Compilation "Sprawl Wilds" enthalten.
^[3] - Auch in der Shadowrun: Missions-Compilation "Firing Line" enthalten.


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