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@jackpoint2075 ist ein offizieller Twitteraccount, der Ingame-Nachrichten aus den 2070er Jahren verbreitet. Er wurde im Dezember 2012 (Realzeit) von Catalyst Games Lab für die Bewerbung der Fünften Edition von Shadowrun eingerichtet.


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Juni 2076[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Juni 2076
2014-06-29 2:22 MESZ I’ve seen them. I don’t care if someone’s listening. Someone needs to. Covering this up will not turn out well. #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2014-06-28 02:45 MESZ Just caught wind of that Azzie Snake company getting Q’d. That’s the third unit this week. Are any of us gonna last? ‪#‎Q‬-SecEavesdropping Link
2014-06-27 02:00 MESZ (?) Guess the Matrix lockdown truly proved the power of GOD. At least that makes me feel safer. ‪#‎Q‬-SecEavesdropping Link
2014-06-26 02:00 (?) MESZ The so-called iridescent dragon has been positively identified as...whuh...who are you? BOOM!!! ‪#‎Q‬-SecEavesdropping Link
2014-06-25 02:54 MESZ I think I would have rathered another tour in Amazonia. What the hell is going on? #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2014-06-24 02:20 MESZ Guess my hopes to finally see The Typsy Dragon in person are going to have to wait. ‪ #‎tripcancelled‬ Link
2014-06-23 02:31 MESZ Launched from international waters and tracked in on the black box. They’re serious. Crew of 6 were on that plane. #‎Q‬-SecEavesdropping Link
2014-06-22 02:16 MESZ Who has lost 3 cities, Ares' favor, quarantined NeoNET’s HQ, & followed a rigged election with a PR gimmick-Is it Time yet? #‎AmericanPhoenix‬ Link
2014-06-21 02:20 MESZ I just got run off by the Massachusett’s National Guard 5 miles west of 128. Now I’m spooked. #‎UCAScitizen‬ Link
2076-06-20 17:00 MESZ I was just at The Shady Heart last week. Way too real for me. #QZrealizations Link
2076-06-19 02:18 MESZ Wonder when the nuke will go off in Boston? #ghostsofchicago Link
2076-06-18 17:00 MESZ (?) The CAS just announced that Callary Ames, world record holding sprinter, was in Boston. Will this affect Seattle in 76? #olympicanalyzer Link
2076-06-17 17:00 MESZ (?) With the UCAS focused on the NEMA, I wonder if this is the chance the Sioux have been waiting for. #readyinsouthdakota Link
2076-06-16 02:25 MESZ Suck it MIT&T!Texas A&M is lock for the next Wuxing Astral Exploration Challenge.Dweller here we come!Let’s add the other M #aggiemagicpride Link
2076-06-15 01:48 MESZ Alleviation flight Alpha Romeo Echo Sierra four four niner is no longer viable. Execute strike order. #Q-SecEavesdropping‬ Link
2076-06-14 02:49 MESZ Wonder how the NEMA quarantine will affect the so-called Dragon Civil War? ‪#‎wyrmwatcher Link
2076-06-13 01:44 MESZ So I read the figures for the deathtoll and I’m not sure why they’d lockdown an entire city for that. #suspiciousNEMAn Link
2076-06-12 02:30 MESZ 121 lost souls. Sad day for the NEMA. #‎QZlosscount Link
2076-06-11 02:43 MESZ They might have an excess of food as long as the corps keep dropping bullets into the place. Food and meds my hoop. #QZdarkside Link
2076-06-09 17:00 MESZ (?) Latest reports are giving QZ really viable sustainability figures. Agricorp projects in QZ and good planning makes place self-sufficient. Link
2076-06-09 02:08 MESZ My chummer Singe, he’s Initiated with the Planestriders, just stroked out while trying to pop into the QZ. Stay away! #anotherQZloss Link
2076-06-08 2:06 MESZ I heard Hestaby was in Boston when this went down. That’s 4+ dragons involved. No wonder SK is building the walls so fast. #‎conspiracynut‬ Link
2076-06-07 17:00 MESZ (?) Estimates put over 4 million inside QZ. No wal would hold back that tidal wave. Is it fear or wisdom that holds them back. #QZquestioner Link
2076-06-06 02:09 MESZ Anyone got a location on that childofsybil poster? I need to explain survival of the fittest. #apexpredator Link
2076-06-05 17:00 MESZ (?) The QZ is a weak dike intended to hold back the tide of evolution. Unleash the waves, accept the future. #childofsybil Link
2076-06-04 17:00 MESZ (?) Anyone out there listening. Please stop trying to get people out. You are risking the world for a life that may already be lost. #sadrealist Link
2076-06-03 17:00 MESZ (?) Just saw two Humanis hooplickers sent to Seattle General. #gotbostonsback Link
2076-06-02 02:51 MESZ There is absolutely nothing natural about the fog around Boston. Localized weather pattern my hoop. #magicintheair
2076-06-01 17:00 MESZ (?) Just worked 48 straight on the QZ wall build. The Krupp Baumeister is an amazing machine! #SKlover Link

Mai 2076[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Mai 2076
2076-05-31" 17:00 MESZ (?) We can’t let this happen again. It’s a biological Night of Rage. The Human Nation must pay! #proORC Link
2076-05-30" 17:00 MESZ (?) The t-bird flashed by under radar at full speed.Blew eardrums but sec spirits tagged it.Need to update secplans for that. #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-05-29 17:00 MESZ (?) Though my heart breaks for the residents of the NEMA, I’m glad to see how well the traffic has been rerouted in the Northeast. #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-28 17:00 MESZ (?) That subway route rumor’s a bust. Slipped close enough to see a checkpoint down there. #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-27 17:00 MESZ (?) Checkpoint Bravo Romeo 0 7 resecured.DF20 reports 3 kills, 1 wounded, and 4 breached. Remaining DF20 forces quarantined. #‎Q‬-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-05-26 17:00 MESZ (?) You’re fools blinded by your skin deep hatred. The coming will make a raging troll look like a pesky wasp. Surrender your shells. #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-25 17:00 MESZ (?) Bullseye’s are painted. You can guarantee every sleazy exec that gets iced will be found guilty. Cover-ups are easier w/ dead witnesses. Link
2076-05-24 17:00 MESZ (?) I’d guess it’s a carrier issue. They aren’t affected by the virus but they still carry it. #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-23 17:00 MESZ (?) If this virus is just affecting metas, why can’t we let the humans free? #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-22 17:00 MESZ (?) Just spotted a big cargo bird flying over. I think it’s dropping supplies in the QZ. Don’t know whether that’s good or bad. #NEMACZchat Link
2076-05-21 17:00 MESZ (?) The Corporate Court has issued Corporate warrants for several individuals wanted for questioning regarding the NEMA quarantine. ‪#‎NEMAQZSF‬ Link
2076-05-20 17:00 MESZ (?) Official Release: Investigations have revealed the involvement of the ultra-racist organization known at the Human Nation. #NEMAQZSF Link
2076-05-19 17:00 MESZ (?) Sir, you can’t let them quarantine the entire company. First the guys at Logan, now this. We’re like the corps fodder. #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-05-18 17:00 MESZ (?) Knight Force 2 reports 5 of 5 dead with the attack near Salem. Maybe they’ll believe the announcements now. ##Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-05-12 17:00 MESZ (?) I need into the NEMA. Contact me private if you’ve got skills. #hoppingthewall Link
2076-05-12 17:00 MESZ (?) KSAF Breaking News: Boston Quarantine Suspected to be a Human Nation Plot! #KSAFlive Link
2076-05-11 17:00 MESZ (?) How are we supposed to know what’s really going on with all these corps controlled newsnets? Anyone got a line on KSAF access? #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-10 17:00 MESZ Official Release:NEMAQZ is off-limits to unauthorized personnel.Make NO attempts to cross the zone limits.Lethal force authorized. #NEMAQZSF Link
2076-05-09 17:00 MESZ (?) lukz like dey tryn to wipe us owt agen #‎orknofooled‬ Link
2076-05-07 17:00 MESZ (?) Official Release: All metahumans, especially robustus and ingentis, should seek immediate medical attention. VE fatal to these subspecies. #NEMAQZSF Link
2076-05-06 9:00 MESZ Just more proof that the sheeple are easily pacified. Boston shouldn’t have gone down without a fight. #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-05 8:02 MESZ I wouldn’t be so sure about a corp lab. Streets are buzzing with some other rumors. #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-04 12:32 MESZ Wonder which corp let this bug loose from their labs? Love to say they should pay but we all know that won’t happen. #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-05-03 22:47 MESZ Eagle Force 4 reporting all points locked down. Getting emergency chatter from HQ. Do we authorization for guided strike #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-05-02 8:48 MESZ Just lost the BoSox game on the trid. Anyone else having troubles? #winninginboston Link
2076-05-01 19:01 MESZ Conspiracy theories are running wild all over the Matrix about the QZ. My favorite is an alien invasion being contained. #conspiracynut Link

April 2076[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
April 2076
2076-04-29 20:17 MESZ Don’t let the hatred grow. Down with the metaracist Humanis Policlub. #proORC Link
2076-04-29 7:50 MESZ Our thanks and hearts go out to the people currently waiting patiently within NEMA Quarantine Zone as we investigate the outbreak. #NEMAQZSF Link
2076-04-28 9:07 MESZ No way this isn’t a corp conspiracy. City shut down way too fast. #NEMAQZchat Link
2076-04-27 7:09 MESZ Just saw the dragon attack across town. Glad their beef was with NeoNET not MCT! #fromatopthehelix Link
2076-04-26 11:51 MESZ Quarantine enacted due to viral encephalitis. Symptoms include: fever, blackouts, headaches, eratic behavior, hyper-aggression #NEMAQZSF Link
2076-04-24 9:20 MESZ The true prophet will be revealed. The rebirth of our savior is at hand. The minds of the many shall join as one. #denyeachuntruesavior Link
2076-04-21 11:31 MESZ They are not us. #childofsybil Link
2076-04-20 10:15 MESZ Life is given. Living is earned. Freedom must be taken. #evolutionofintelligence Link
2076-04-19 6:21 MESZ We've got Ancients scoping checkpoint 3. We need some arcane backup. #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-04-18 16:23 MESZ Does Dr. Patricia Anne Xavier look familiar to anyone else? #primohacker Link
2076-04-16 1:27 MESZ The dragon war has finally hit the streets of Boston. Join the side of right. #damonsrightiousarmy Link
2076-04-13 10:06 MESZ My sister just gave me her new commlink. Gift horses and all that. #‎thankssis Link
2076-04-12 5:59 MESZ BoSox are gonna need a new place for home games for the post season. #nomoregreenmonster Link
2076-04-10 13:23 MESZ Walls complete. Not sure how I feel about that. Hopefully Beantown fairs better than Chicago did. #‎saddayinamerica‬ Link
2076-04-08 9:11 MESZ I'm starting to feel like an extra in an episode of Zombie Wars. ‪#‎Q‬-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-04-06 Has anyone else noticed the dramatic rise in lab explosions since the Awakening? Re: David Norris‬
2076-04-06 I'm going for a doctorate in thaumaturgy. Re: #‎gradstudentforlife‬
2076-04-06 Chemistry or Magic? Re: Can Ray
2076-04-06 7:51 MESZ Campus is locked down because some fool, probably a major, blew up their lab. I'm never going to get my thesis done. #‎gradstudentforlife‬ Link
2076-04-05 10:24 MESZ Nice to see the big boys all coming together to help out Boston. #megacorporatecooperation Link
2076-04-04 8:09 MESZ Trains are on serious delay. I'm just gonna hang in the Hub tonight. Anyone looking to party? #upfromdeecee Link
2076-04-03 3:05 MESZ Call off the strike! We have men still in the station! #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-04-02 8:39 MESZ Higgins got into a scuffle patroling the wilds. The brass dropped his whole unit in quarantine. #‎Q‬-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-04-02 00:35 MESZ Psycho bit my leg! KE gave me a whopping 30 seconds of their time. #GreatJobPawns Link

März 2076[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
März 2076
2076-03-30 7:20 MEZ This virus is seriously jacking these folks up. Took a whole Alpha mag to drop one last night. #‎Q‬-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-03-29 2:05 PM Take a bus, take a plane, go on foot, hop the train...just get the hell out of Beantown. The devil's coming #norestforthewicked Link
2076-03-28 5:21 PM We’re being ordered to shoot civilians, Hank. I don’t know if I can do that. #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-03-27 6:14 PM The docs are saying this will spread fast. We need to keep it contained. #Q-SecEavesdropping Link
2076-03-26 05:41 PM Bobby’s got a fever. I never should have let him go downtown with his dad. #IrresponsibleAssOfAnEx Link
2076-03-25 8.31 PM Just saw my cousin get tossed into a black Bulldog. He was in the Hub last night. #‎FearInMedfield‬ Link
2076-03-25 5:53 AM Looks like my neighbor got his hands on another does of Big K! #‎WhyDidIMoveBackToSouthBoston‬ Link
2076-03-24 12:53 AM I saw that dragon get smacked down by the witches. You go girls! #don'tfragwithsalem Link
2076-03-22 5:23 PM Pawns aren't letting us leave stadium. Not that I want to right now.Green Monster is gone. Tears will never wash away this pain. #BoSox4Life Link
2076-03-21 2:53 PM Watching the glowing rain. Most beautiful thing I've seen in years." #bostonallaglow Link
2076-03-20 1:40 PM A dragon just went ballistic on the NeoNET Towers. That place must be cursed. #fuchinovatechneonetNEXT Link
2076-03-20 1:20 AM My car just got slagged outside the NeoNET 5. Are dragons a Force of Nature? #‎MakingInsuranceClaims‬ Link
2076-03-18 6:53 PM This iridescent rain is so beautiful. #ThanksMysteryDragon Link
2076-03-17 2:11 PM Holy Drek!!! I just saw a real live dragon. My life is complete. #LovingLife Link

September 2075[Bearbeiten]

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September 2075
2075-09-22 4:40 PM When it comes to the point where the choice is between the existence of me and another entity, how can my actions not be justified? Link
2075-09-20 2:26 PM 私は、タスクの助けを求める。私は4時間後にシアトルに到着します。詳細はJackPoint-0342132にアップロードされている。グレート補償が提供される。 Link
2075-09-18 3:08 PM Ninjassassin IV: Furious Fists was such a great movie. Toshiro Yamishaka is the dreamiest! OMG SO HOT. #Ninjassassin Link
2075-09-16 3:42 PM I don’t care who you are or what you do. Learn your history. Appreciate your roots. The shadows and streets got history too, chummers. Link
2075-09-14 1:56 PM I hope a new Black Tide rises up. World’s too bloody crowded. The North Sea needs to wipe things clean again. #depopulationforthewin Link
2075-09-12 2:18 PM The Alphas, a Desert Wars team, announce they are dropping out of this year’s competition. Understandable given what happened @ GeMiTo. Link
2075-09-10 2:51 PM S-K subsidiary GIAT Industries doesn’t survive the Great Dragon Civil War, shutters doors. Anti-dragon groups dance in streets, are eaten. Link
2075-09-08 10:00 PM Have you been ever water-boarded by a water spirit? Not pleasant #TortureTechniques101 Link
2075-09-06 8:43 AM Toxic Hunter renewed for third season. Yay! Brennan O’Dell is awesome! Link
2075-09-05 7:13 PM Damn I hate parent-hires-you-to-extract-kidnapped-child runs. I get all weepy. Can't help it—it's just so beautiful. #trollsarepeople2 Link

August 2075[Bearbeiten]

August 2075
2075-08-31 6:14 PM Why Combat Inc's Desert Wars team were wearing those teddy bears in the game last night: It was the only thing their weaponforge would print Link
2075-08-29 2:49 PM Run available: involves travel to Boston. Full team is best. Excellent pay. If you don’t know who to contact, you’re underqualified. Link
2075-08-27 5:58 PM Okay, Noblesse, your team knew the risks, but that’s just going too far. Meet me mano e mano and we’ll square this. You know where. Link
2075-08-25 5:41 PM More delays for Hephaestus Monorail LA to Atlanta line. Shiawase silent but one witness claims sabotage by shadowrunners. Link
2075-08-24 3:13 AM The world has gone mad. Hope Severine's crew picks up on this in time. "Wayna's Journal - August 2075" Jackpoint > Wayna Link
2075-08-23 12:02 AM Looks like @MacNamara pulled the trigger on running for mayor of New York. Not exactly a job I’D want, but hey… Link
2075-08-22 3:18 AM Clockwork, you have no reason to trust me, but the target you extracted isn’t who you think she is. Comm me ASAP. #netcat Link
2075-08-20 12:43 AM Circuit court rules that widower cannot sue bounty hunter over wife’s death because she was a ghoul with no legal standing. Link
2075-08-18 2:17 AM Need to lose some nanoware? The street docs at the 13th Ave clinic will remove it for free! Just east of the Meridian overpass. Link
2075-08-13 7:56 PM NanoGlobe stock price hits 0.07¥—Massive bounce on the horizon—NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY! —#nanotransactions Link
2075-08-11 6:18 PM Make a difference: join the Chicago PD! Weapons, armor, training, combat drugs, and rehabilitation included! Fight back against the bugs! Link
2075-08-08 2:28 AM Runner pal said he saw two-headed cyberzombie with a kali cybertorso during a job in Aztlan. Sure, dude. #Waybeyondthemonofilamentedge. Link
2075-08-06 2:49 AM Newest Church and State novel, Will and Destiny, now available in audiobook and simsense. Written by you-know-who. Link
2075-08-03 5:32 PM Every season of Wyrm Talk digitally remastered for simsense? Count me in! Pro-dragon subliminals in the feed? Count me out! Link
2075-08-01 1:37 AM Christopher Lindsey came out as a virtuakinetic on the red carpet about thirteen minutes ago. The media’s already calling him Chris VK. Link

Juli 2075[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Juli 2075
2075-07-30 12:29 AM Carib's got a bounty on technomancers until midnight tomorrow night. I know about a run for WPB. Get 'em while it's hot. Link
2075-07-25 7:02 PM If #DocWagon accidentally lost an Osprey II full of medical gear, about how much would that be worth on the shadow market? > The Finn Links
2075-07-23 10:25 PM Dropped a BFG in MiracleShooter, and the game bounced it into Shiawase Duwamish Research Park. If anybody runs there, could you grab it? Link
2075-07-21 5:33 AM Megacorps invent new way to keep extraction targets from being snatched in hacked elevators. It's called the staircase. Link
2075-07-14 1:50 PM A Québécois magician with an afro haircut named FroMage? Too cheesy. ‪#‎shadowpun‬ Link
2075-07-12 2:38 PM Interested in a crash course in Or'zet? Check this one out! "Or'zet for Tourists" JackPoint > Edinu Link
2075-07-10 8:39 PM UW releases plans to update facilities to the tune of 1.6 billion ¥. They're gonna be surprised when they start digging. I smell shadowruns. Link
2075-07-08 4:06 PM New cyberdeck: 120,250¥. Replacement parts: 515¥. Street doc bill: 600¥. Running the Star and getting out alive: priceless. Link
2075-07-05 5:53 PM Be one of the very first to own a drek-hot Ares Light Fire 75, fresh off the back of a truck. 80th & Leary, right now, while supplies last! Link
2075-07-04 1:59 PM My basement is full of bugs. We've got a deal, though—they don't try to conquer the world and I send them solicitors. It works for us. Link
2075-07-03 12:10 AM For sale: Downtown doss. Never used. Link

Juni 2075[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Juni 2075
2075-06-30 9:18 PM 12,000¥ to the first runner to get me the hell outta Xiuhtecuhtli Tower. Alarm's going off and my commlink is a brick. Link
2075-06-26 1:39 PM Slasher and Lobo have been made starters for the Screamers, replacing fan favorites Raider and Iron Head, both killed in the last match. Link
2075-06-24 2:20 PM The Portland Paladins are going all the to the Super Brawl way next season, I don’t care what round-ears say. NCE rules! #ninjacommandoelf Link
2075-06-22 1:42 PM This new Miracle Shooter expansion is gonna be the best thing ever. #hellyeahMS #bestinthebiz Link
2075-06-19 12:24 PM Screamers get their hoops handed to them again! Lose to the Portland Paladins 11-1 in second exhibition game. #Goingtobelongseason Link
2075-06-17 1:37 PM Kashrut 2 complicated 4 me. Just bought 3 self-cleaning kitchen drones 4 basari, chalawi & parve dishes w/ an overseeing agent #ModernKosher Link
2075-06-15 12:10 PM Want to drown in a Depression Daiquiri or rise on a Euphoria Libre? Try Emolators—motion-modulating drug cocktails from AG Chemie. Link
2075-06-12 2:31 PM Who decided Neon Sushi isn’t en vogue anymore? Frag them. I still like my maguro glowing in the dark #oldschooldfishophile Link
2075-06-10 1:35 PM 19th DIMR researcher is found dead in Manhattan; believed to be the work of Emma Jean Chevalier; blood mage and serial killer. Link
2075-06-08 2:35 PM Wonder if we’ll see a cranial deck renaissance? If yes, sign me up #Oslo-cybercurious Link
2075-06-06 7:55 PM Alice from the Wild Cards announces she’s going solo, signing a major recording deal with Horizon worth 2 million nuyen. Link
2075-06-04 3:48 PM A leaked Renraku report on ShadowSea states yet another blood ritual site was found in Sub-Tokyo attributed to Shoichi Baisotei. Link
2075-06-02 1:19 PM After being on the roster of the Tacoma Timberwolves for 8 seasons, legendary player Pete “Vendetta” Graves retires as a combat biker. Link

Mai 2075[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Mai 2075
2075-05-30 3:23 PM Draft time’s coming! My Pittsburgh Panthers are taking Tyler Baker, and he’ll carve up every D-line in the league. Heard it here first. Link
2075-05-29 11:07 PM Pathfinder Multimedia announces plan to remake Elemental Endgame as a live action trid. Only shows they have run out of original ideas. Link
2075-05-26 Hoi chummers! Walker Aerodesign will make major presentation at the international defense exhibition in Dubai in August. Job opportunity! Link
2075-05-25 Kay St. Irregular on fake SINs and the UCAS IRS - don't forget to pay attention to the details, Chummers! Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-05-23 My cop friend sez a new designer drug has hit the club scene: Omega Blue. Seems pretty dangerous, hospitalizing nearly 200. Get some for me! Link
2075-05-21 The Denver Thunderheads defeat the Dallas Outlaws 4-3 in their exhibition match. T-birds all the way to the Super Brawl baby! #tbirdpride Link
2075-05-19 Hillary Rodregaz releases a new book, Cold Zone. Sells 350,000 copies this week. Pathfinder must hate that they passed on her novels! Link
2075-05-17 It's going to get a lot harder to find a doc in the future. This news is a matter of life and death, check it out! Jackpoint Link
2075-05-14 For those interested in space news, Ares announced setback to launch a manned space vessel to Venus. Timetable to launch now 16 months away. Link
2075-05-12 SoyBucks is planning to open its first store in the Underground by the end of April. Many residents unhappy #stopcorporateencroachmentnow Link
2075-05-08 This is trouble. SSC tribal chief’s 12-year-old daughter kidnapped by a Tsimshian toxic shaman, taken into toxic lands. Tensions rise Link
2075-05-06 Sad news today: there’s been an accident on a Proteus arkoblock. 6 levels beneath the sea level are breached, 8 thousand inhabitants killed Link
2075-05-04 Grim Aurora released a new album, Restless Spirits. It’s so amazing! Restless Spirits has reached #5 spot on most charts! Love you, Kat! Link
2075-05-02 A Tir military convoy near I-5 was ambushed today. Firefight ensued, 26 people killed, including 13 Tir soldiers and 6 innocent bystanders Link

April 2075[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
April 2075
2075-04-30 Seattle Screamers lose to the Tenochtitlán Volcanoes 7-2 in their first exhibition game. #screamerssuck Link
2075-04-28 “The Matrix Guardian,” Ares Global Entertainment’s 150 million blockbuster bombs at box office, only makes 7 million in its debut. Link
2075-04-26 Lone Star’s Top Five Most Wanted List for April 2075 is out! There's a ton of good reasons to read this update! Jackpoint Link
2075-04-24 Corporate Court delivers 2nd decision of 2075; votes to support NeoNET claims against S-K, awards 200 million to NeoNET in punitive damages Link
2075-04-22 Draco Foundation stageing all sort of runs to track down shedim in N. America. Looks like they are worried about expanding numbers #scarydrek Link
2075-04-20 Listen up BTL-heads - Elise Nirveau, 39, star of sims such as Dragonclaw, died today. She was one of you. Wise up #addictionsux Link
2075-04-18 The last sighting of the Orange Queen happened in the UK; Rhonabwy may be offering Hestaby safe haven/santuary in his domain. Link
2075-04-15 TAX DAY! UCAS citizens don't forget to pay your taxes. The tax man cometh! Link
2075-04-13 Late batch of downloads slipped in at the end there! Code word: stormbreaks Link
2075-04-12 Elections in Tsimshian are over. If you are having plans to conduct business over there, don't miss out on that info! Jackpoint Link
2075-04-11 Some international news: Pirates capture a cargo ship belonging to Renraku in the Pacific; three Red Samurai units deployed to retake vessel Link
2075-04-08 The cost of soy has risen yet again by another four nuyen worldwide. Drought conditions are blamed for the record high costs. Link
2075-04-06 Egyptian Jackal-headed SURGEling actor Ouassim el Hadid to play in techno-arcane Pharaoh in Broadway musical #NYCoolHunter Link
2075-04-04 Tribal Council & Lone Star developing enchanted dreamcatcher to record and store astral signatures of arcane criminals #BraveNewMagicalWorld Link
2075-04-02 2-year-old nearly killed by Evo Robonanny due to bad emo-soft update. Evo issues global alert, tells users to use old version #CorpLife Link

März 2075[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
März 2075
2075-03-31 Back to the roots. Since Decks are coming back, time to get the old neo-tribal duster out of the closet. NAN retro glam! #Fashonistas Link
2075-03-29 Radicals in GeMiTo are taking a stand against the corps invading the sprawl. Read their manifest at Jackpoint! Jackpoint Link
2075-03-27 Lunatic jumped out of window during rush hour causing gridlock ... again. Body later disappeared from the morgue. I Smell a story. Link
2075-03-25 Got samples of dark, unfiltered Keller Bier from Vancouver microbrewer w/ ties 2 Troll-Republik Schwarzwald. Best part: bottles are 2 liters Link
2075-03-23 Prof.Schwartzkopf to lecture on Unified Magic Theorie at MIT&T next week. First of many stops during the great dragon's North America visit next week Link
2075-03-20 Twisted orichalcum found in Mama Pani's Talisman Shoppe in Auburn during a raid. All artifacts maybe compromised #arcaneshithittingthefan Link
2073-03-18 Bunraku puppet loose in Seattle. Strange code made her go haywire. Murdered client & Yakuza pimp, now on the run, likly hiding in Barrens Link
2073-03-15 Habemus Papam! New pope rumored to seek dialogue with other sentinent races! - Read all about the election here: Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-03-13 Green sources say GreenWar is up to something big in Europe after Azt-Am failure. Walk carefully round these guys #Batshitcrazy Link
2075-03-11 Is the UB writing the codes these days? I hear the latest password is ItBugsMe Link
2073-03-11 Worldwide protest against new Matrix hitting major cities. Police practice zero tolerance; will use water cannon drones #Freespeechnomore Link
2073-03-09 Strange magical phenomena still occurring in Hellenic Confederation. Side-effect of the battle of GeMiTo? #DIMResearcher Link
2073-03-06 Humanis Policlub chapter in the Frankfurt has filed a bankruptcy petition after pissing off the FBA #Serves’emwell Link
2073-03-04 Proteus and Evo building domed underwater metropolis somewhere in the Pacific for aqua-tourism and colonization. Sea Dragon prolly not happy Link
2073-03-01 This news is riding straight on the shockwaves of the matrix: JackPoint Break off your shackles! JackPoint Link
2075-03-01 Unseelie Court terrorist bombings continue in Dublin and Belfast with aid of fairies. Irish Tír finally coming down? #WarOrFlowers Link

Februar 2075[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Februar 2075
2075-02-27 Brussels hosting NEEC European Matrix Conference. Lofwyr, Celedyr not speaking, but a lot of Matrix eggheads expected. #CorpTechbabble Link
2075-02-24 I’ll never get urban brawl fans. Combat biking is where it’s at. UB=2 bike. CB=16 bikes. SCIENTIFICALLY BETTER! #GoRattlers! Link
2075-02-22 Mr. Bonds just shared exciting news with us: apparently the AA status of a number of megacorps is on trial: Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-02-22 Happy B-Day, George. NorthAm Black Lodge probably having a magical field day in Washington today #MasonofaNation Link
2075-02-21 Rhine-Ruhr-Megaplex is in emergency state due to carnival season. If you wanna pull off a job, do it now. Don’t forget your costumes. Link
2075-02-19 Happy birthday to my brothers and sister in the Black Forest! Someday we’ll have our own land here, too. #BertholdForever Link
2075-02-17 Fashion gods, today we give thanks to thee for the Christian/Dexter fashion show that didst make tacky armor a trend! #fragyeaharmorjacket Link
2075-02-13 Kelly McFlattery is a stupid witch and I hope she Goblinizes and Bobby Sloane hates her because she’ll be ugly on the outside too! Link
2075-02-13 I’m popping the question tomorrow. I got a great payment plan on the ring, good interest rate, and she’s gonna love it! #wishmeluck Link
2075-02-13 The little birdie clearly's got a pro-ork and -troll thing going. Latest password is tuskertrust Link
2075-02-10 Never forget the brutality of Alamos20k, and those who lost their lives so needlessly. Never stop praying for the hatred to stop. #MOM Link
2075-02-08 Corporate drone looking for freedom - anyone looking to improve their karmic balance? Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-02-08 Remember those lost to the Crash and those first console cowboys who gave their all in Echo Mirage trying to stop it. #hacktheworld Link
2075-02-06 Happy anniversary to the happy couple; Damien Knight married Ares Macrotechnology 42 years ago today! #trueromance Link
2075-02-05 Elves need to learn their dammned place, and that's "Anywere, but Boston." We don't care where you go. Just don't be here #RedBranch Link
2075-02-03 Divisiveness and jealousy just confuse me. How can people not understand how great Horizon is? They take such good care of us. #Horizon Link
2075-02-02 I don’t care what the wankers at NeoNET are trying to censor, I’m wishing my mates a happy Transys Neuronet day! #EdinburghRules Link
2075-02-01 #CiscoTrid just released a review of the latest action-trid produced by Elliot Rome staring superstar Roy McQueen Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-02-01 Yomi Island closed thirteen years ago. How polluted has Japan become since those days of purity and pride? I remember when we were great. Link

Januar 2075[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Januar 2075
2075-01-31 Everyone who follows football knows the Bolts are taking the OFC Nations Cup next year. Best strikers in the world! Link
2075-01-30 People, over the next few days recognize the brilliance of the MSL laws. Switzerland had the right idea years ago! #HumanityFirst Link
2075-01-29 Road trip to go see Thunder and the Prairie Boys next week. Gonna be the best vacation ever! #NANcountry #Rock! Link
2075-01-27 Happy Dunkie Day folks! I’ll be out at Cherry Creek Lake for the vigil. Will you? #Dunkie4Life #Dunkdiedforoursins Link
2075-01-26 I just made the best cookies ever! My #Horizon #Cook-A-Drone is just such a great helper! How did I ever get along without it? Link
2075-01-25 What will the year 2075 bring? Join Hlgahls in his reflections at Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-01-25 omg im so tired of haters talking about ares like this. when was the last tiem desert wars didnt rock because of them? nevar! #aresrules Link
2075-01-24 PF Wang’s on Fifth and Water is the greatest Thai-Tir fusion place in Seattle! The vegetarian curry is the best thing ever! #chopsticks Link
2075-01-23 It’s been a lifetime, and we still don’t know who the Knight of #Nightwraiths was. Thank you, sir, you brought the bloodshed to a halt. Link
2075-01-22 New Karl Kombatmage is the worst movie in the series. Utter crap. Terrible action, special effects were garbage. And too short. #KarlSucks Link
2075-01-21 Never forget Prez Hunt’s Resource Rush and the Anglo’s land-grab started 73 years ago today! We got ‘em back, though! #hokahey! Link
2075-01-20 From bullets to bombshells, Area Arms has what you need! Order Today and get a 10% discount on all orders over 100 rounds!!! #aresarms Link
2075-01-19 Settling into new doss. Needs fix-ups but no KE pawns at my door. I'll miss the Underground, but it's changing too much. #newtopuyallup Link
2075-01-18 The Urban Brawl Season is over and Gronk put up a slapdown. Don't miss his rant! Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-01-18 Unbelievable! Japan's national grid will be a shared MCT, Renraku, Shiawase project. Yamato-Damashii in action! #newgridtracker. Link
2075-01-17 Another Karl Kombatmage trid! Karl battles the Hacker Rebellion! Can you say sellout flick? Ugh. I'll still see it though. #kkmdisciple13 Link
2075-01-17 I guess the little birdie's hungry, because it says the magic word is stu4shack Link
2075-01-16 Put shot 1001 thru the P5. Stats: 991 clean shots, 8 jams, 2 deadfires, 0 lost hands!!!! Regained a little faith in Ares Arms. #aresskeptic Link
2075-01-15 Clumsy troll tripped and smashed in the roof of my Gaz. Not the best start to my day. #gazjunkie442 Link
2075-01-14 Street cannons out talking tough. Saw cats holding LMGs enterring the Zone. #egoofwriter Link
2075-01-13 I must admit my shame here. I, Anthony Glass, offered a group of runners 10,000¥ to extract me from Renraku. #glasshalfempty Link
2075-01-12 Hey all, sorry my account got hacked or something yesterday. That wasn't me posting. No clue what it was about. #alltechedout Link
2075-01-11 This sounds pretty twisted. Somehow I am getting the feeling that 2075 is driving people nuts: Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-01-11 This err eidetic Snow Oedipus scalpel apt eye oust wit Llama Ben over Erin wrath it tent ns uber micro tn owl HELP ME!!! #alltechedout Link
2075-01-10 Picked up the Predator V to complete my collection. Afraid to fire it though! #waryofares Link
2075-01-09 Think I just met a FOR REALZ runner. Asked if I'd seen a limo rolling thru Redmond! Totally helped a runner. Best day ever! #redmondrambler Link
2075-01-08 Just canceled camping at Shasta. Not gonna be the same without her. #sadshastan Link
2075-01-07 Slagged up in FRFZ traffic. Can't wait for new Treaty! #milehighmover Link
2075-01-06 Just checked out preview of UCAS Grid. Can you say, "You've Got Mail"? How AOL retro! #tooold4newGrid Link
2075-01-05 Tír govt gonna look like a Telestrian family party. At least Parris looks like he'll hold his seat. Fragging sellout. #zincan4ever Link
2075-01-04 Prop 23 will change #Seattle and the situation is charged. Stanwyck posted an Update on the situation on Jackpoint Jackpoint Link
2075-01-04 @AlfredMcDougle Never believe anyone who says something is going to be easy. Including me. Link
2075-01-04 Finally in new corporate pad. 4 minute walking commute. Never have to face the risk of running gun battles again. #safeataresseattlehq Link
2075-01-02 Ugh! My nanoforge is spitting out minidrones, no template, and they are swarming my house!! Damn hackers! #delamarsmygirl Link
2075-01-01 Luv the new GRID! Feels so safe!!! Link
2075-01-01 Happy New Year! If ur a fan of de la Mar! Slitch's all over the trid!! Link
2075-01-01 Birdie with Lodge connections has a sense of humor -- password he just slipped me is thenewblack. Way to be covert. Link

Dezember 2074[Bearbeiten]

Datum Uhrzeit Text Talker Link
Dezember 2074
2075-12-31 10:14 @AlfredMcDougle: New Years in Corporate West #Berlin is like war - NYs in Anarcho East #Berlin IS War! Love it! <>Maljok< Link
2075-12-31 10:10 Headed to FunHouse New Year. Hope to dance with Urubia #crimsonqueen! Heard Damon #playboydragon might show! So geeked! #digsdancingdragons Link