10 Mercs

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  • Art.-Nr.: E-CAT26S034
  • Edition: 4. Edition
  • Titel: 10 Mercs
  • Sprache: englisch
  • Verlag: Catalyst Games Lab
  • Format: nur eBook (Pdf mit Wasserzeichen)
  • Seitenzahl: 52 Seiten
  • Dateigrösse: 4.66 MB
  • Erschienen: 25.02.13
  • Preis: 7,95 $

Autoren, Illustratoren & Mitarbeiter:[Bearbeiten]

  • Autor(en): R.J. Thomas
  • Illustratoren: Ian King, Brent Evans, Josh Heebsh


Cynical, Sold-out, and Skilled

Hired guns. People without a country who know no loyalty. Opportunists, bottom-feeders, scavengers, vultures. Soldiers without a soul who will go to the worst hells on Earth and do just about anything for a buck.

That’s how they talk about mercenaries. But that’s how they talk about shadowrunners, too.

There’s a fine line between mercenaries and shadowrunners, and it’s a line that gets crossed repeatedly. Sometimes runners will find themselves in the battlefield, working with a mercenary group and doing their best to survive as all kinds of fire rain down on their heads. Other times, they’ll find themselves in the sights of a skilled and deadly mercenary corps, trying to stay alive against superior numbers and firepower.

Either way, they should know about the mercenary units out there, to either improve their bargaining position or help them stay alive. 10 Mercsprofiles ten different mercenary outfits, including Ryan Mercury’s New Assets, the unconventional skill of Bravo Company, and the deadly magic of Task Force Magus. These groups present an array of threats or a bounty of opportunities—depending on which end of the barrel you’re at.

Along with the unit profiles, 10 Mercs provides NPC stats for each unit along with information on vehicles used by many of the units. If mercenaries are going to play a role in your campaign, 10 Mercs is a critical resource for adding flavor, plot hooks, and rules to your Shadowrungame.

10 Mercs is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.



"10 Mercs" ist ähnlich aufgebaut, wie das englischsprachige "10 Gangs", und weist daher wie die Mehrzahl der eBook-only-Produkte - abgesehen von den Bookmarks - kein separates Inhaltsverzeichnis auf.

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