Bad Moon Rising in the East

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Bad Moon Rising in the East ist ein Szenario - d. h. ein Abenteuer - für die vierte Edition von Shadowrun, das direkt in Zusammenhang mit der "Ghost Cartels"-Kampagne steht. Es wurde erstmals auf dem Gen Con 2008 gespielt, und ist nun exklusiv als eBook (Pdf) - und nur in englischer Sprache - erhältlich.


  • Edition: 4. Edition
  • Titel: Bad Moon Rising in the East
  • Art.-Nr: 60181
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Verlag: Catalyst Games Lab
  • Art: nur eBook (Pdf)
  • Seitenzahl: 22 Seiten
  • Dateigrösse: 7,88 MB
  • Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2009
  • Preis: 3.95 $

Autoren, Illustratoren & Mitarbeiter[Bearbeiten]

  • Autor: Stephen McQuillan
  • Editing: Chuck Burhanna
  • Illustratoren: Janett Aulisio, Peter Bergting, Joel Biske, Dan Smith, Earl Geier, Mike Nielsen
  • Konzept: Joshua Rowell
  • Shadowrun Line Developer: Peter Taylor
  • Shadowrun eBook Development: John Dunn


In Bad Moon Rising in the East, a team of shadowrunners is hired to track down the source of a new drug shipping into Hong Kong. Directly connected to the Ghost Cartels campaign, the team of six Caracas natives are thrust into a criminal underworld far from their home. With few contacts to turn to, they may find themselves deeply involved in a vicious underworld conflict.

This 22-page scenario was used for the Gen Con 2008 Shadowrun tournament. While it may be used with other characters, the included team of shadowrunners is fully fleshed out with contacts, backgrounds, and motivations. This complete package allows for a night or two of Shadowrun with little prep work for the gamemaster or the players.

Bad Moon Rising in the East totals 37 pages, with 1 cover/credits page, 21 pages of scenario, 3 pages with 1 map each, and 12 pages of pregenerated characters: Covert Ops, Face, Hacker, Melee Artist, Pistol Adept, Shaman.


  • Plot Synopsis
  • GM Notes
  • Round 1
    • A Short Flight
    • Welcome to Hong Kong
    • Rat Problem at the Docks
      • Container Port Matrix Security
      • Container Port Awakened Security
    • Word on the Street
      • Following the Drugs
      • Debugging
  • Round 2
    • Cleanup On Aisle Three
    • Why Are The Drugs gone?
    • Can It Get Worse?
    • Who Needs Enemies?
    • Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home
    • Legwork
    • Cast of Shadows
  • Map - Hong Kong Port Authority
  • Map - Back Alley
  • Map - Dynasty Mansion
  • Apal - Pistol Adept
  • Dolly - Face
  • Grid - Melee Artist
  • Jove - Shaman
  • Shade - Covert Ops
  • Ugla - Hacker


Wie fast alle eBook-only-Veröffentlichungen von Catalyst Game Labs verfügt auch "Bad Moon Rising" über kein Inhaltsverzeichnis außer den Bookmarks.

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